Laptop and computer repairs - website design and hosting - factory resets - upgrades, software and security installations - setting up broadband and wireless connection - computer support and back ups and maintance of devices.

Laptop, computer repairs:

Broken screen, won't turn on, Software problems, keyboard replacement, power supply, overheating, freezing

Website Design & Submitting:

Do you have a website, need a Domain or Hosting for your business? Impression, Selling online...

Backups and Maintenance:

External hard drive, Usb stick, NAS drive. Keep your computer maintained.

Broadband Installation & Networking:

Which package is for you? Setting up broadband & fibre, wifi, printing

Safe and Secure:

Online banking, shopping, antivirus, firewall,parental control.

One to One Support:

Windows 7, 8 10, Mac, Linux, Internet, Ebay, Facebook, Skype, Office, Scanning